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Daniel Hulka is the excellent czech singer.
He is the Golden Czech Nightingale 1998 and the four times Silver Czech Nightingale.
Thousands of people were fascinated by his wonderful voice and dramatic art in the musical Dracula.
Dan took part the main role in the musical Monte Cristo. This time he plays the Javert in the world-known musical Les Miserables and the Mordred in the origin Czech musical Excalibur and the main doublerole in the musical Jekyll & Hyde. He sings also in musical Dorian's Gray Pictures.
Daniel´s concerts belong to unforgettable experiences. Dan and his band sings a plays always without the playback.
Every Summer we can see and hear him in the main role in the opera Don Giovanni.
Dan also plays the role of the king Brambas in the fairy tale The Luck of the Devil.

Daniel celebrates first name on December 17 and birthday on June 01
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