The Luck of the Devil

Křest dvoutisící klapky.

In the summer 1998 the director Zdenek Troska made the fairy tale "Z pekla stesti" ("The Luck of the Devil"). The screenplay was based on Jan Drda´s fairy tale "Czech Honza". Drda´s tale - as you may remember - tells the story about poor Jack (Honza), who was in love with good but also very poor Markytka. He toured the country for her, killed the dragon and beat other evil-doers.
The cast is as follows:
Honza - Miroslav Simunek, Markytka - Michaela Kuklova,
the cruel king Brambas - Daniel Hulka.
The music score was composed by Karel Svoboda.
Brambas a Markytka The official first run of fairy tale abroad was in Mallorca in September 1999. It was very successful. The second part of this fairy tale was made in summer 2000 and from February 2001 we can see it in cinemas. Daniel Hulka plays again the kruel king Brambas.
I have already seen the film and I like it very much. The second part is better then the first one. Go and see it too. There´s no doubt you´ll like it maybe more than I do. I admire all people who made it.
Witty and high-quality book was also made according to the film.  
The soundtrack is available on CD, too (Z pekla stesti, The King Brambas´s arrival ,...).
Zdenek Borovec and Vladimir Kocandrle wrote the lyric for four main music motifs: The songs The Luck of the Devil, Cat Melody, Journey for love and  The Wish are sung by Daniel Hulka, Iveta Bartosova and Michaela Kuklova.
And when it will have "The Luck of the Devil" on the festival in Chicago, it will be screening over the ocean.

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