Daniel Hulka - informally

Dan was born on June 01 1968. He is very tall man (196 cm).
Daniel Although introvert, Daniel Hulka reveals to the mass media something about his hobbies.
Thanks to this his fans know that Dan´s favourite meal is chicken in any style, that he, as the real Czech, likes beer (and we also saw him smoke).
His favourite colour is black and he prefers silver jewels.
Besides volleyball, played till he was injured, Dan has devoted himself to many other sports: car racing, piloting the plane, billiards, ice hockey, all water sports, cross country skiing, cycling, riding a motorcycle,... and he has also tried bungee jumping).
His favourite flower is rose (although he admitted that since certain time he had been fond of tulips:))).
We know that Dan willingly takes part in benefit performances and, though he still has no children of his own, he goes on very well with them and he is glad to visit and give presents to those, who are ill, forlorn or handicapped.
Dan is married.

Travelling in the Himalaya

Himaláje, Indie

Dan likes the nature, mountains, the adventure. He prefers to make the opinion only when hi personaly contacts local natural, cultural and others conditions.
Dan and his good friends spend seven weeks in Nepal and the North Indien.

Travelling in the Middle America

Dan traveled through the Middle America (Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba) in sping 2003. Departure Arrival
The first day in Mexico he cut his nice long hair and clean-shaved the head and the beard.
Dan during the tracking in Guatemala forest fell to the deep gorge and injured. His accident stoped without the bad effect fortunately.


Triumph Tiger 900

After all Dan saved up money for a motorbike and in summer 1998 he bought Triumph Tiger 900, a gorgeous toy of chilli-red colour (price 342 000 including VAT). The photographer of NeiReport took photo of Dan, sitting on this motorbike, dressed in film costume of king Brambas whom Dan plays in the fairy tale "The Luck of the Devil".
Ultra Classic Electra Glide
Later Dan took a ride by his big new Harley (Ultra Classic Electra Glide).
From spring 2002 he saddled motorbike Honda X-Eleven (Naked), a nice machine too.



Dan před letadlem

Dan likes flying - it´s a very pleasant way of relax for him.
First we got know about his passion for piloting in March 1998 when he unexpectedly arrived by plane to Ostrava.
He said to the reporters that he was learning to pilot for half a year and that in several days he would fly with the radio competition winners in Kunovice.

Car racing

Dan v červené kombinéze Car racing gives Dan the same relax.
And maybe the pretty women as well:-). Though he said the woman is a curious creature who only problems are with:-)))
Dan s divkami


The water

Dan u Vltavy

Dan likes water in all its forms.
On the other hand Dan respects water because he had bad experiences with it, too. Although excellent swimmer
he had been drowning twice. Fortunately he´s alive and he still keeps loving water.
Dan likes swimming and boating and if he has enough free time he spends more than two hours in the bath.
Dan also uses the solid state of water when playing ice hockey in the team of famous faces.



In the photo we can see Dan with an electric tea pot but he can prepare lot of other specialities using his rich imagination.
Dan v kuchyni "Together with Tomáš Trapl we gave the parties in which we sent the women out, and after having lulled the children we were cooking. We were very inventive making the new recipes up: first we went shopping and then we were trying what dainties could be made from the ingredients we´d bought.
For example fish on caper is very delicious and easy-to-prepare:
Salt pike, drop lemon juice on it, sprinkle with caraway and basil and roast on butter. After 20 minutes baste with wine and in the end add a glass of caper in vinegar. Serve with bread (French loaf if possible) or rice."
Note of webmaster: I´ve tried it, it´s really prepared in no time and very delicious. There was only one mistake - Daniel was missing:-)))


Dan likes playing billiards.
As he said two years ago - his aim is to beat Jiří Korn. (Maybe he´s already done so).


Photo: Promi, Jiri Urban, Miroslav Malec, Martin Masin, SPY.
Webmaster © Jana Moravcova, translated by Dagmar Vykoukalova